2 Kids, 6 dogs, and All the horses

2 kids from the same small Central Texas town, who grew up differently, but similarly at the same time. One from town, the other from the country. Friends for most of their childhood and teenage years; after high school their stories remained similar yet different. Then, after 10 or so years, the pair see each other on a fateful Margarita Wednesday at a local Mexican food joint in their hometown and history ensues. Now, over  a decade removed from that fateful night, Jackie and Lane now have 2 kids (Journey 3 and Jagger 7), 6 dogs, and ALL the horses. 

This podcast is their story. Their lives. The world as they see it. Mixed in with a lot of laughter, love, and HORSES. Jackie, a 2 time NFR qualifying barrel racer and professional barrel horse horse trainer, has loads of knowledge about training horses and competing in barrel racing. She’s been a professional for well over half her life and has many interesting stories and tips that horse-folks, especially barrel racers, will find very insightful, informative, and entertaining. Lane, the husband and horse novice, has only been in the horse-business since he began his relationship with Jackie. Though total immersion, including day to day life living on horse ranch, he has increased his love, knowledge, and appreciation of horses, the sport of barrel racing, and the western lifestyle and values in general. Together the couple raise kids, dogs, and horses on their ranch in Giddings, Texas, about halfway between Austin and Houston.

On this podcast, which comes out once a week or so, you can expect to hear many stories about the day to day lives of Jackie and Lane in a conversational type style. You will also hear insightful conversations with their friends both in the horse world and others that they think you’ll enjoy listening to. Thanks for checking it out and be sure to SUBSCRIBE, RATE, and REVIEW the podcast on your podcast app of choice!