MWH 023: Lari Dee Guy

Welcome Back!

Our second episode from the WPRA Finals was with roping superstar, Lari Dee Guy. Lari Dee is an 11-time world champ, horse trainer, clinician, and all around bad ass with a rope in her hand. Her list of accomplishments are LONG and can be found on her website HERE! We really enjoyed talking to her and hearing stories about her fellow ropers, cool partnerships, and amazing horses. We are certainly glad to see more breakaway roping being added to more events so these talented ladies can compete at more money and showcase their hard work and talent. Thanks for joining us and listening. This was a cool conversation. I bet you’ll like it. Life’s short. Ride a Unicorn.

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Lari Dee Guy breaks down the basics of her swing to give us the details on how she likes to think about it when she is heading