MWH 029: Sick Kids and SO Much Barrel Racing

We’re back in the studio at the house today with just the two of us. We discuss the the jamb packed last weekend that was full of barrel racing across the nation with the AQHA World Show, NBHA World Championships, the Texas Fall Classic Barrel Race in conjunction with BBR Southwestern Regional with the Isabella Futurity and an The American Qualifier (that last one was all one event with a really, really long name... I’m sure I got it wrong... lets just call it the Texas Fall Classic Barrel Race and Futurity), and I’m sure other events as well. Congrats to all the winners. There were a lot and a LOT of $$$ paid out. Also, we discussed the pains of having a sick kid and all that has entailed. We also answer a couple questions from a listener. 

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 - Q&A: Asked by Shelaine Rozenboom in Bussey, Iowa:

My horse is 12 years old and we are starting his 4th season of barrel racing. I had a baby July 24 so 2018 has just started for us. He has the potential to be fast but I can’t seem to get him to run to the first or between the barrels. Question 1: Any pointers on how to get him to run? He knows how, he’ll do it in the open. I think of him as lazy. 

Question 2: During slow work I am struggling to get him to pick up the correct lead leaving the second and first barrel. He also won’t drive out of the barrel and takes several strides before attempting to lope. I’ve been trying to teach him to step with a purpose. I mean, even at a walk grab dirt and pull himself forward instead of just throwing his legs out there. 


Thanks for the question, Shelaine! Hope we helped!