MWH 005: Taci Bettis, 2017 WPRA Rookie of the Year

Episode 5 was a conversation with Taci Bettis. Taci, who will qualify for her second consecutive NFR at the end of October, won the 2017 WPRA Rookie of the Year title. This is no small accomplishment. She has one hell of a 2 season run going and we think you’ll enjoy this long form interview with her! 

It’s available on our website or through your podcast app of choice. If you listen to podcasts on an app that doesn’t have our show on, be sure to let us know down below in the comments section! Thanks!

Disclaimer: Taci was our first guest on the show. With this interview we quickly understood the importance of recording podcasts with headphones on. I (Lane) found myself interrupting the conversation, namely Taci, WAAAAY more times than was comfortable. I’m certainly aware now after listening to the episode myself. I promise, I’ll do better next time! Thanks for listening!