MWH 006: Sports and Spelling Tests.

Episode 6 of the show is up on your podcast app of choice! In this episode Jackie and Lane discuss their favorite sports teams, their son's first spelling test, and many other random things. Jackie gives tips and answers questions about overcoming fear,  keeping your horse from hitting barrels, and other barrel racing goodness. Show notes are below! Check it out!

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Show Notes:

  • 0:00 - 53:10: Intro and Conversation
  • 53:10: What are your 5 favorite bits? (What a question!) (asked by Stacy Hoover)
  • 1:08:18: Any tips for a once fearless rider that is more concerned now with safety since having kids. (asked by Stacy Hoover)
  • 1:20:56: My horse has tendency to roll back and hit barrels. What are some exercises I can do to help him round out a little better? (Asked by Carissa Bryant)
  • 1:28:12: What is your pre and post race routine? (Asked by Stacy Hoover)