MWH Q&A #1: You ask. We Answer!

Our first QUAH! (That means “Q&A” in dork-language. Me. I’m the dork. I say that...) 

Before most episodes we climb to the roof of our imaginary bat... well... unicorn cave and put uo the UNICORN SYMBOL in the air to ask our social media followers to ask questions for that weeks episode. Because folks have been so awesome and have asked so many questions we haven’t been able to get to all of them... BUT... In THIS episode we get to A LOT of previously asked questions! Most about horses and barrel racing. Check it OUT!

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**Below are the show notes: it’ll give you a time stamp on where we discuss particular topics!

Show Notes: 

  • 0:00-03:45: Intro
  • 03:45-12:55: How do you keep a finished horse sharp without souring them on the barrels all the time? This answer has a few drills with it.
  • 9:10: need a diagram. 
  • 12:55-19:40: How do you  stay motivated and focused while dealing with injuries. 
  • 19:40-23:43 : How do you balance the interests of your family with rodeoing?
  • 23:43- 27:42: Leg Wrap practices 
  • 27:42- 33:15:tips on running/freeing up a horse in a building
  • 33:15- 37:30: tips on starting a former race horse on the barrels
  • 37:30-45:21: Jackie’s thoughts and processes on exhibitioning colts
  • 45:21- 53:28:expectations and processes getting a young horse to pattern 
  • 53:28-57:00: what are your warm up and cool down practices with a horse with ulcers?
  • 57:00- 1:03:09: tips and advice for someone wanting to dip their toes in the barrel futurity game
  • 1:03:09- 1:10:00: Random questions To Lane about lipstick, juggling work and a horse ranch, and horseman specific training. 
  • 1:10:00-1:13:10: questions to Jackie regarding barrel race etiquette and her ensuing hippy answer. 
  • 1:13:10-1:15:45: Regarding Lead changes
  • 1:15:45-End: wrap up