MWH 012: Jackie Ganter

Welcome back! 

Today we talked with Jackie Ganter. Jackie G. is a 2x NFR qualifier and the 2015 WPRA Rookie of the Year. She’s a professional barrel racer and one of Jackie’s closest friends in barrel racing. Honestly, more like family. Jackie J. is more like an aunt to Jackie G. Given that they have the same name it’s kinda confusing. I generally refer to Jackie J. as “MY Jackie” during the conversation. Jackie J. hauled with Angela Ganter, Jackie G.’s mom, when Jackie G. was just a pup. She got to the see the ups and downs of rodeo from an early age including when Jackie J. qualified for the NFR in 2003 and 2004. Needless to say, they have a long history and it was GREAT TALK (in my Trump voice). We are certainly members of the Jackie Ganter fan club and we hope you enjoy listening to our conversation with her!

ALSO, below is a video of UNO COMMANDER (ROOSTER) that Jackie J. “lead-lined” Jackie G. on. This was during the same year they won all the lead-line barrel races around the nation including the Ogden 8 & Under. They maybe cheated running him. OH, he was 5 or 6yo when he was carrying them both that year!!! WOW!!

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