MWH 015: Q&A #2

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We’ve been on Apple Podcasts for 1 month and the audience of the show has grown with each episode released. We want to thank y’all from the bottom of our hearts for the support we’ve received from many of you! We are having fun and hopefully putting out content that you can enjoy and relate to. We have A LOT more planned and hope you keep hanging out with us a few times a week!

We had a little bit of time (and bandwidth) available to release a bonus Q&A and get caught up on some questions folks have asked! We talk about a lot of barrel racing related things as well as many other things including sports psychology, horse soundness issues, etc. We hope there’s some good info in here for all of you! You can always feel free to shoot us questions to our email (theres a form on the CONTACT page of our website) or on any of our social media accounts linked below! As always, thanks for spending your time with us!

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