MWH 008: Molli Montgomery

Molli Montgomery, professional horse trainer and barrel racer, joined us via phone on the podcast today. It was fantastic! She’s a great person and a fantastic horse trainer. The conversation was solid as we discussed stories from training and answered a couple questions asked on social media! It was a good time and we hope you enjoy. 

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Show Notes:

0:00-8:30: Intro Conversation with Jackie and Lane

8:30: conversation with Molli starts

36:50:Favorite go-to drill to add rate to a natural free runner. (? From Karla Waltze/Facebook)

59:28: Tips for a young/green “ratey” horse. (? From Kayla Smith/Instagram)

Molli Montgomgery 1.jpg
Molli Montgomgery 2.jpg
Molli Montgomgery 3.jpg