MWH 009: Rainy Texas Sunday

Welcome Back! 

In this episode, we discuss a wide array of things: Controversy at the US Open tennis tournament, the triggering Nike ad, our son’s 7th birthday, and a couple of funny stories from the last week!

We also answer a few questions from social media: One about a barrel racing specific fitness plan, one about Jackie’s opinion on how to progress from being a weekend barrel racer to professional/NFR level barrel racer, and one about Jackie’s specific fitness regimen for her horses. (See the show notes below for specific time stamps to those questions for future reference!)

It’s been a fun first 10 episodes (including the Q&A) and we truly want to thank everyone for listening and sharing it with your friends. We have so many ideas for cool content to bring to you in the upcoming months. Please keep sharing and interacting with us on our social medias. Also, check out our blog for TIPS HERE!

Show Notes: 

  • 0:00: Intro and beginning conversation
  • 29:10: Jackie and Lane discuss the fiasco in the finals of the #USOpen tennis tournament with #Serena Williams. 
  • 40:38: Jackie and Lane discuss the controversial #Nike ad narrated by Colin #Kaepernick.
  • 46:30: Jackie and Lane discuss their fire drill with #King and #LuckyTheOneEyedPony
  • 55:45: ? from Miranda Perry: What is the best workout regimen for running barrels (for the jockey!)?
  • 1:07:42: ? from Brooke Buscemi: What are the steps needed to qualify for the NFR (or rodeo professionally) for someone who hasn’t competed at that level? 
  • 1:18:19: ? From Melissa Hayes: How far or how long to you long trot (and is 15-min or so considered a mile)? We discuss the EquiTrack app.
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Lane Jatzlau