MWH 049: JR Vezain


Our guest on the show today was Professional Bareback Rider, JR Vezain. JR has won a million bucks on the back of a bucking horse. He is a 6-time Wrangler National Finals Rodeo qualifier, 2011 Resistol Rookie of the Year in the Bareback, and all around good dude. In the last weekend of the 2018 PRCA Season, on the way to his 6th Finals, JR broke his back while covering a horse in Pasadena, TX that left him parlayed from the waste down. Since that day, his life has changed. His positive outlook on life has not. He’s mindset and strong will are awe inspiring. His attitude in the face of this huge adversity is something we can all learn from. He’s been dealt a pretty bad hand, but instead of feeling sorry for himself and letting it defeat him, he’s decided to put his nose down, work harder than ever, and attack this with a ferocity of a man who KNOWS he will walk again. It really puts things in perspective. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. I know I needed to hear that. On top of all this, JR and his wife, Shelby, have a little boy due to be here in May. What a wild ride this life can be. This is a great talk. His discussion on mind set and getting in “the zone” is worth the listen alone. (Spoiler alert: the rest is awesome too!) Thanks for hanging out with us. We think you’ll love this one.

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Show Notes: 

Married With Horses Podcast w/ Jackie and Lane Jatzlau: Episode 049: JR Vezain 6x NFR Qualifying Bareback Rider, JR Vezain, talks about his method for getting in the zone. Taking 5 min. to get your alpha brain waves flowing and shutting out everything else. Completely being in the moment...

JR Vezain vs. Good Time Charlie - Round 10 - 2016 NFR

Lane Jatzlau