Podcast Q&A’s: The Gift that Keeps on Giving!

Hey there Unicorn Trainers!!

Do you have questions about training? Finished horse? Colt? Drills? Bits? Saddles? Supplements? Personal Fitness? Etc. etc. etc…. Well, WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED!

To date, Married With Horses podcast has released 5, YES FIVE, Q&A episodes! These delve into MANY topics. Horse training, confirmation, vaccinations, drills, techniques, tack, and SO SO SO many others. These are episodes that you can go back and listen to in the future and still get a lot out of them. Not every question asked is applicable to you right at that moment, but if you own horses and compete on them, chances are that at some point you’ll need that information!

Take a listen. If you’ve listened before, it may be worth a listen again… Remember, you can always fast forward/rewind to the questions that are most important to you!

Here’s a list of those 5 episodes:

We also answer questions on most of the other episodes without an outside guest (with just Jackie and Lane). It may be worthwhile to start a list with timestamps in a journal to go back and find out that information you may need in the future! Oh, and if anyone starts that, be sure to contact me with it at Lane@marriedwithhorses.com! Would love to trade you some swag for it!

Life is short. Ride a Unicorn!

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