MwH 078: Dr. Jyme Nichols

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This episode of the podcast is with Dr. Jyme Nichols. Dr. Nichols is the Director of Nutrition for Bluebonnet Feeds and Stride Animal Health. She’s an extremely brilliant lady with loads of knowledge on the internal workings of our equine partners. This conversation stemmed from and was based around Leaky Gut. As you’ll hear, leaky gut is an issue in a horse that can manifest itself any many different symptoms and a lot of time is overlooked or not considered do to the nature of the symptoms and the fact that there is no clinical test like a blood panel, etc. that will give a concrete confirmation of this affliction. We discuss symptoms, possible causes, treatment methods, and dive DEEP into this issue that we believe may play a role in many horses day to day life. Get your note pad out and get ready for a lot of info. Thanks for hanging out with us!

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