MwH 085: Dr. Jyme Nichols: Equine Nutrition Programming

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This episode is with Dr. Jyme Nichols, Director of Nutrition at Bluebonnet Feeds. This episode was all about equine nutrition. We discuss feed programs in detail and dive deeper into the science of what makes a great feed program. We discuss reading and understanding feed labels, discuss both macro and micro nutrients in feed, talk about when and why to change up your feed program, discuss the importance of consulting with an equine nutrition expert, and even try to dispel some rumors that science just doesn’t back up. We discuss all of this and MUCH more in this in depth conversation with Dr. Nichols. EVERY horse owner can pick up a tip or 2 from this episode, for sure! Thanks for hanging out and listening. Look in the show notes below to see links to some of the topics we covered!

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Show Notes: 

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