J2 Virtual Coaching

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Reach and Exceed Your Expectations!

In Barrel Racing, the difference between drawing a check and driving home empty handed comes down to a tenth, hundredth, or sometimes even a thousandth of a second. From the outside the sport can seem simple. “Just run around 3 barrels and run home? That’s it…?” For those of you that compete, you know it’s MUCH more difficult than it looks. The difference in 1/2 a second can be so minute and so difficult to find, that often it leaves the rider irritated and grasping to find a way to improve. We believe that having a mentor or someone to evaluate you and your horse that is both knowledgable and has your best interests in mind can make all the difference in the world. Whether you’re just starting out in the world of barrel racing, an experienced rider trying to find consistency with a new horse, or someone who wants to find that edge to take them the next wrung step up the competition ladder as they pursue their goals of being the best barrel racer they can be, having someone to help you along the way can make ALL the difference in the world. You can ask any of the top competitors in the world of barrel racing, whether they be pro rodeo superstars, futurity trainer standouts, or jackpot extraordinaires, they’ve all had someone they can lean on for advice when they were getting started or when the chips aren’t falling their way. 

Knowing the importance of this and the influx of the number of folks competing in barrel racing, We’ve decided to start J2 Virtual Coaching. Through this, Barrel Racers will be able to send in videos of runs and will receive follow-up instruction with a personalized plan to help make you better equipped to fulfill your barrel racing dreams!

Jackie Jatzlau Credentials:

  • 2x NFR Qualifier

  • Professional Barrel Racer and Barrel Horse Trainer for 25 years

  • Multiple Pro Rodeo Champion

  • Multiple Futurity and Derby Champion

  • IFYR Hall of Famer (First female inducted and ONLY 3x Female All-Around Champion)

  • Renowned Barrel Racing Clinician for over 15 years (dozens of clinics taught with 100’s of successful students)

Here’s what a few of the barrel racer’s Jackie has worked with have to say about her…

Jackie Ganter 11.jpg

Jackie Ganter

“I have had Jackie in my corner my whole life... Her accomplishments say enough about her ability to win, but I think her mental game is what is second to none. She knows how to overcome and conquer with an awesome attitude. I would highly recommend Jackie as a mentor to help you get to the winner’s circle.”

2x NFR Qualfier, 2015 WPRA Rookie Of the Year

Carey Benton 5.jpg

Carey Benton

“Jackie has given me my backbone back when it comes to my horses; giving me the confidence and tools I need to become the best jockey and horseman I can be for my horse. She understands that there is so much more to it than just going around barrels. Finding the good in any negative situation and making that your goal to improve. Finding that one thing that will help you get better in the next run.”

JimmieSmith 13.jpg

Jimmie Smith

“After working with Jackie for many years I have learned that she has so much knowledge on anything to do with rodeo and barrel racing.

No matter how my run goes I can send it to her and she can pick apart the little things that need adjusting. With that help I am able to go to the practice pen and fix those and make better runs to follow.

She also has an awesome eye for bits. If I am having trouble she can tell me exactly what bit to put on!”

2018 WPRA Rookie Of The Year

Tylena and Cisco 1.jpg

Tylena Pagel

“Jackie has been an incredible professional resource over the last few years. She is a wealth of knowledge in every aspect of horsemanship and barrel racing. Not to mention her vast insight into horse breeding, finding the right tack, fitting saddles to the rider, and all around hints to help you be better than you thought you could be.

Her personal but professional approach to applying her triumphs and failures to help you improve your runs shows how invested she is in making you the most competitive barrel racer you can be.”

Sounds great, right?!? Here’s how to get started…

  • Select a training plan: 1 time session, 3 sessions, or monthly sessions for six months

  • Select a training time from available times on the training calendar

  • Each “training session” will consist of a 45-min video call with Jackie where she will review submitted videos and get a plan of attack for you and your horse. This will include possible discussion on riding technique, training options, drills, tack, nutrition, and other items related to be being as competitive as you want to be.

  • Each session will consist of:

    • At least 3 days prior to the session the rider will fill out THIS FORM and send in a MAXIMUM of 2 run videos or training videos per session via email or messenger that Jackie will be able to review. Submit videos to J2@MarriedWithHorses.com

    • Prior to the session, Jackie will then do a video overlay of your run detailing where things went well, what improvements can be made, and possibly what caused errors in the run. You will then discuss this during your session.

    • After your session, Jackie will write up a brief summary of your training session and what strategies she’s suggested to use to prepare for your next competitive run.